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About Us


Our story may not be unique but our products sure are.

Like many, we spent a lot of time as children watching our grandparents cook.

Our Nonno Bruno came from the Northeastern region of Italy, while our Nonna Dea hailed from a small town southeast of Rome, and they each brought their own regional styles of cooking to the family table. 

Watching them cook together was like watching a dance; there was flour and hand gestures, jazz music (always Jazz music) and pizzelle makers, stories of their homeland and more Italian swear words than we could ever comprehend. Being in the kitchen with them was like a big, warm, familiar hug.  

As things go, grandparents pass on, and in turn, so do family recipes. It’s always felt like a game of telephone to us - the next generation trying to replicate what the older generation did, yet somehow never tasting quite the same and so on and so on. Each generation bringing its own special flavour to the family's recipes. 

And so it came to be that when the recipe torch was passed down to us, we knew we had to make some big changes in order to suit our vegan lifestyles. We were intent on keeping the flavour as close as possible to its meatier counterpart, while trying to avoid ingredients that would make it inaccessible or challenging to recreate. And thus the seed was planted for Nonno’s Pasta Shop. 

Between us, we have over 14 years of vegan living. We’re also both huge foodies. And the one thing we noticed every time we wanted a taste of ‘home’ but were too lazy to cook, was that there were no vegan Italian companies out there that made products we could buy in our local, or even large chain grocery stores. So like any true Italian, we decided it was time to feed the people. Which brings us to the here and now, with you! 

Thank you for being such a special part of this journey with us. We know there are so many pasta lovers out there who, just like us, are looking for something that feels like home, but is made from plants, and we’re so happy to be that ‘home away from home’ for you. ♥️ 

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